What’s the best way to vacuum your carpet?

Quite often we are asked by our clients how often and how
they should vacuum their carpets to help maintain their carpets.

When vacuuming move the vacuum slowly back and forth
overlapping the strokes and also at different angles to ensure that the pile is
opened to remove as much dry soiling as possible. A quick run over the carpet
doesn’t really help. But make sure you don’t make too many passes over the same
spot as this may damage the carpet if repeated over time. Also remember to
vacuum corners and areas where dust builds up such as behind the TV and sofa.

How often to vacuum really depends on the amount of use the
carpet gets the more footfall across the carpet the more you need to vacuum.
For areas of heavy footfall or where there are pets daily vacuuming  is recommended, where there is a medium level
of foot traffic probably twice a week and for light foot traffic areas once a

Remember to keep your vacuum cleaner in good repair to
ensure its best possible performance. Keep the brushes clean, make sure to
remove tangled hair, and replace them when they are worn. Ensure hoses do not
develop cracks and holes that will lose suction. Change the bag when it becomes
two thirds full to maintain effective vacuum.