The Christmas Cleaning Checklist

It’s the season to party, and although this year will undoubtedly be different, hopefully, you’ll be welcoming some family and friends into your home. There’s no better reason to get your house ready for Christmas than by giving it a deep clean to get everything ship-shape and sparkling clean. But finding the time for a good clean can be difficult before Xmas, and Christmas and New Year can take their toll on your home. In this blog post, check out the best cleaning tips to get your home ready for Christmas and starting the New Year with a clean home.

The Key is Preperation

You may allow a number of days to do the cleaning or blitz it in one go. However you decide to do it allow yourself plenty of time. A thorough clean can take a while to complete, and we all know there’s so many things to sort out before Christmas.

Declutter First

Before you start cleaning, you need to sort out the clutter. Tidying up before you start makes cleaning a more straight forward process, and as a by product creates more storage space. Items you have sorted but don’t think you will use consider giving it to a charity shop. It’s the season of giving, after all.

Clean from Top…

When cleaning your home always start at the top and work towards the bottom. If you can open some windows while you clean this will allow fresh air in and any stale odours out. Remove any cobwebs lurking in the corners of the rooms. Wipe down or dust down all the surfaces, making sure to get into every nook and cranny.Then treat your sofas, dining table and chairs and furniture to a good clean and polish. Your guests will be spending most of their time with you on your sofas, so make sure they look their best. It’s surprising the difference a really good vacuum can make with upholstery, taking your time and been thorough, can really improve the look of your sofas and chairs.  If that’s not enough a professional clean can make them look almost like new. Its easy to forget to regularly clean certain items in the home such as scatter cushions and curtains. A quick wash in the washing machine can really be a breath of fresh air make a big difference to a room. Also don’t forget the Christmas table cloth may need wash after last year.

…To Bottom

Any dust disturbed by cleaning your furniture will end up on the floor along with any other bits of fluff. If your floors are carpeted, as with your upholstery a thorough vacuum can achieve amazing results but it’s a great time of year to give them a deep clean and impress your guests.

Perfect Christmas Lunch

Ensure your kitchen is ready for the Christmas marathon cooking session. Clean your fridge and cupboards, and take the opportunity to throw out any out of date items. Wash and rinse the dust from special cutlery, glasses, and crockery. Make sure you have a good look in your oven, if the  liners have burnt food or grease on them make sure you find time to clean them. This will improve the performance of your oven and give you great results when cooking the Christmas Lunch.

Sparkling Bathroom

Cleaning you bathroom over the Christmas break is something you absolutlely don’t want to be doing. Wipe down the tiles, basin, toilet, bath and all surfaces to make your bathroom shine and remove all fingerprints, soap deposits, toothpaste splashes and water rings. Use a glass cleaner on your mirror. Plenty of towels and additional loo rolls won’t go amiss.

Season’s Greetings

If you have anyone staying make sure that the guest room is immaculate. Make sure you clean everywhere in the room, check above the door frames and under the bed. If the room isn’t used very often make sure you have fresh bedlinen to make your guests feel right at home.

Final Touches

Having completed your thorough clean a few touch-ups around the house are all that will be necessary before you start to enjoy youself. A quick vacuum of your carpets and hard floors and a dust and polish will do the trick. Check all the bins are empty in advance. Ensure you have some clean cloths and a can of Cleaning Mouse to deal with any accidents.

Finally remember its Christmas and have a great time.