The 12 Stains of Christmas & How to Overcome Them.

Christmas is on its way, and hopefully we will have the opportunity to enjoy it with our families. However, that also means accidents are bound to happen. So here is our guide to the most common Christmas disasters and how to deal with them.

Firstly, channel your inner Boy Scout, a little preparation can make a big difference, as you will be ready to deal with any problems as they happen.

For any stain or spill keep it simple. Start by using a blunt spoon or knife to scrape any solids of the stain from the carpet or upholstery. With liquids use a dry cloth or kitchen towel to gently blot up as much of the spill as possible.  Patience is required here and remember to blot, not rub, as rubbing may push the stain deeper into the fibres and can even damage the fabric or carpet you are trying to save.  Repeat the process to draw out the stain, then apply a small amount of cold water to dilute the remaining stain, followed by more blotting to absorb any remaining moisture. If there is any staining remaining use a moose cleaning product to loosen the stain and blot away. Any remaining cleaning product will dry to a crisp powder and can then be vacuumed away.

By following these steps, you won’t make the situation worse and  you may be able to remove the mark and also reduce the possibity of any further damage.

So now let’s look at the top 12 stains and how to deal with them.

1.The Christmas Tree

If you have a natural tree be sure to have a plastic saucer under its pot, if not when you water the tree the water will go straight through the soil out the bottom of your pot and onto your carpet where it will cause the fibres to break down leaving a damaged carpet. If you wrap the pot in coloured crepe paper and water the tree often the crepe paper will become damp and the dye will leach onto the carpet leaving a stain that may not be discovered for a couple of weeks and then be impossible to remove. Use a plastic pot cover to prevent this happening.

2.Red Wine

Treat the stain as soon as possible before it has a chance to dry and set. Blot first with a clean dry cloth until no more wine is been picked up by the cloth, and then apply some water either by spraying on or by means of a damp cloth and blot again, repeat this until the red wine is removed.

3. Chocolate

Scrap off any solids that can be removed then apply a moose cleaner to loosen the solids in the fibres and blot away with a clean cloth. Be careful not to rub when blotting and possibly damage the fabric or carpet you are working on.

4. Soot

Firstly, and most important, DO NOT USE WATER ON SOOT, just to be sure DO NOT USE WATER ON SOOT. Applying water to a soot mark is guaranteed to make the stain a lot worse. Soot is a very oily substance an applying water to it will just spread the stain. The best method is to use you vacuum cleaner with a crevice tool and gently suck the particles of soot out of the carpet be careful and patient and excellent results can be achieved.

5. Candle Wax

If a candle is knocked over onto a carpet, speed is essential to removing it. Use some kitchen towel on the spill to soak it up before it has a chance to set in the fibres. Don’t press to hard or the wax will be pushed into the fibres. Any wax that has gone into the carpet apply some ice cubes in a plastic bag to freeze and harden the wax before gently scraping away being careful not to damage the fibres.

6. Gravy

Drips from the gravy boat or splashes from someone’s plate, one thing is certain the gravy is going to end up on your carpet. Wipe up and blot the excess first then apply some moose cleaner, gently agitate into the fibres and blot. Repeat until the gravy stain has been removed and then dry vacuum the carpet to remove the dried moose residue.

7. Coffee

Blot as much of the coffee spill as possible with a clean cloth, folding it up placing it on the stain and standing on it will help to draw it out. Apply water by a sprayer or a damp cloth and blot again. If some of the stain is still there mix equal quantities of water and white vinegar apply to the stain leave for a few minutes, then blot and apply clean water and blot to remove the vinegar solution.

8.Dirt and Mud

Prevention is always better than cure, so have a scrub walk off matt outside your homes entrance to remove soiling from your guest’s shoes and an absorbent matt inside to remove any remaining moisture on their shoes. If unfortunately, you find some mud or soil deposits on your carpet don’t rush in with a damp cloth, wait until the soiling is dry and use your vacuum cleaner to remove it.

9. Christmas Pudding

Crumbly and sticky, bits of Christmas Puddings or Mince Pies landing on your carpet and probably been walked in before they have been noticed can look awful. But a gentle scraping to remove any chunks followed by a cleaning moose, a little agitation and blotting. Followed by a good vacuum after the carpet has dried should work wonders.

10. Glitter

However, it’s found its way into your home at Christmas, on cards, decorations or toys it will end up in your carpet. Patient persistent vacuuming is the starting point to remove it, there are several theories why glitter sticks to things so well including static electricity, air viscosity, surface tension and the glitters serrated edges. Any areas you struggle to shift the glitter with your vacuum cleaner try wrapping sticky tape around your hand, sticky side outwards and pat the carpet to remove the glitter.

11.Make Up

It’s the main part season of the year and with all the rushing around dropping make up on the bedroom carpet is bound to happen. Lipstick or foundation on a carpet can be treated by applying a dry-cleaning solvent, agitate gently with a clean cloth and blot away after.

12. Reindeer Droppings (and other pet stains)

You might not have reindeer making a visit while Santa drops off the presents, but at Christmas time our pets sometimes eat things they’re not supposed to and to put it bluntly things get messy. In these circumstances especially act quickly. Scrape up as much as possible, blot with a clean cloth, spray or apply water by means of a damp cloth and blot, repeat this until no more staining is been removed. Apply a cleaning moose, agitate, and blot away. Unfortunately, with these types of stains success cannot always be guaranteed but taking these steps will help and contacting a professional after Christmas to treat them may achieve a successful result.

Use the above information as guidelines, all stains fabrics and fibres are different, so test what procedure you are going to use first on an inconspicuous area to check no problems will arise. If you have any doubts about the action you are taking contact a professional cleaner for some advice and assistance.

Have a Happy Stain Free Christmas.