How we Clean Rugs

Rugs add so much to our living enviroment, they add colour and warmth to any room and are a pleasure to walk on, over time vibrant colours and patterns look jaded and dull, this happens as the rug collects dirt, dust and spillages cleaning using the correct methods will recitfy this.

At Cleaning Specialists we can visit your home discuss your rug cleaning requirements and if you agree take your rugs to our workshop where they can be cleaned dried and then returned to you at a convienient time.

Our rug cleaning proceedure normally covers the following steps

1. VACUUMING We will vacuum the face of the rug to open the pile and remove the dust and grit caught in the face fibres.

2. BEATING The rug is turned over and placed on a grid and then the back is beaten this dislodges deeply embedded dust and grit which fall from the rug and through the grid away from the face of the rug.

Steps 1 and 2 are repeated until no dry soil deposits are been removed from the rug.

3. CLEANING The rug is then placed face up and the appropriate cleaning solution sprayed onto the rug and gently worked into the pile. The pile is then rinsed removing the solution and soiling.

4. FRINGES AND STAIN REMOVAL After the face of the rug has been cleaned if the rug is fringed the fringes are cleaned and speed dried and if any stains are left they are individually treated.

5. DRYING Large fans are then used to dry the rug.

We can offer a Collection and Return Service for the following areas Worcester, Pershore, Malvern and Droitwich


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