Carpet and Fabric Protection

We all want our expensive soft furnishings to look just like they did when they were delivered or fitted, for as long as possible. However life, with children, pets, and even husbands can all combine to spill drop or walk soiling and stains onto our carpets and upholstery.

By applying carpet and fabric protection treatments either when the items are new or after they have been cleaned, can help the fibres resist soiling, by making vacuuming more efficient, to improve the items appearance over time. Spills are easier to blot up and so stains are less likely to remain after an accident. Even if a stain does remain it is much more likely to be removed by cleaning than from an untreated fabric or carpet.

However it is important to point out that no protection treatment is “bullet proof”, stains can set if they are left for a long period of time before been treated and it is not possible to test every curry recipe or strength of tannin in every cup of tea. But if treated promptly the vast majority of stains can removed at home without the need for professional stain removal.

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