Carpet and Fabric Protection

We all want our expensive soft furnishings to look just like they did when they were delivered or fitted, for as long as possible. However life, with children, pets, and even husbands can all combine to spill drop or walk soiling and stains onto our carpets and upholstery.

Carpet and Upholstery Protection Treatments can help protect against most households soiling and spills by coating each fibre with an invisable shield. This shield has three characteristic properties, Oil Repellency, Water Repellency and Soil Resistance also the Protection Treatment can resist artificial food and drink colourings by the addition of a colourless dye which prevents permanent staining.

How do Protection Treatments Work

Protection Treatments are based on flurochemical chemicals and work by lowering the surface energy of the fibres comprising the carpet or upholstery they have been applied to below that of the liquid spilt on them. In simple terms, each fibre gives protection against spills because flurochemicals do not mix with oil or water. This doesn't mean that any spills will stay on the surface of the fabric or carpet, indeed most spills will soak into them and can be removed by blotting, sometimes if there is a large amount of liquid, or the liquid is hot or for a difficult stain e.g glues or dyes, specialist attention may be required. Soiling is a problem on carpets and upholstery because household dirt contains a high proportion of oil which causes the dirt to adhere to fibres. When a fibre is treated with a protector the oil repellency means there is poor adhesion between the fibre and the soil particles meaning that more soil can be removed by vacuuming. However it must be pionted out that even with a protection treatment any carpet or upholstery will become soiled over time although a treated item will remain cleaner 2-3 times longer than an untreated item. Resistance to dye stains is achieved by a colourless dye been included in the protector and on application dying any areas on the fibres not dyed in the manufacturing process and so stopping any artificial food and drink colourings from staining the fibres if they are split on them.

How Are Protectors Applied

Protection Treatments are either applied as part of the manufacturing process or after purchase in the customers home, either when they have just been purchased or after the items have been cleaned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does a Protection Treatment affect the appearance of carpet and upholstery.

A. No, Protectors are invisable and odourless, and do not affect the feel of any item they are applied to.

Q. Do Protection Treatments prevent fibres fading on exposure to sunlight.

A. No, Protectors do not prevent fibres fading do to sunlight, UV rays or age.

Q. Do Protection Treatments protect against " Wear and Tear" of fibres.

A. No, but beacause the treatment makes the removal of dust and dirt by vacuuming easier, the fibres are less likely to be subject

to abrasion caused by embedded dirt.

Q. Do Protection Treatments affect the flame retardancy of materials

A. No, Protectors do not affect the inherant flame retardant properties of wool fibres or of flame retardant finishes.

Q. Do Protection Treatments come off when carpets or upholstery are cleaned.

A. Cleaning carpets and upholstery by hot water extraction, the most common method of cleaning in residential situations, has little effect on Protectors and only a very small amount will be lost during cleaning.

Q. Do Protection Treatments wear off as carpets are walked on and upholstery sat on.

A. No, the molecules of Protectors are strongly bonded to the fibres and walking or sitting have lttle effect on them.


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