How to Help Your Carpet and Furniture Survive Christmas Part 3

Our final post on helping you and your soft furnishings survive the upcoming Yuletide season.

Christmas Dinner

The most important meal of the year and probably the biggest with family and friends invited, lots of laughing and joking, and almost certainly someones going to have an accident. Try using trays to carry the food to the table, they are a lot more stable than slippery hot bowls. For the children put some carpet offcuts or plastic sheets under their chairs to stop spills onto the carpet. If despite these precautions simething does get trodden into the carpet use a blunt knife to remove as much as possible, before using a detergent solution, rinsing and blotting dry. Please remember DO NOT RUB as this may damage the carpet fibres.

Dark Patches On The Sofas and Chairs

Along with chocolates, that we mentioned in a previous post, crisps and nuts are passed around on Christmas day. These snacks tend to leave an oily residue on fingers and this residue has a habit of being passed onto upholstery as your guests move around on your sofas and chairs. This oily residue soon attracts soiling onto the fabric causing dark patches to appear on your upholstery.You can try leaving “wet wipes” around for people to clean their hands with, although that can appear a bit Scroogelike, or use a damp cloth to wipe the cushions and arms of your sofas and chairs after your family and friends have left.

Finally I hope you find these posts useful and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.