How to Help Your Carpet and Furniture Survive Christmas Part 1

Christmas can be a stressful time, but hopefully some of the tips below and in the other posts can help stop accidents happening and if the worst does happen stop an accident becoming a crisis.

Christmas Tree Base Covers

If you are thinking of using a Christmas Tree base cover to disguise the wooden base of the tree, take care. Some are made from crepe paper and if you spill any water on them, when watering the tree to keep it green and help to slow up needle drop, some of the dye may run from the paper onto the carpet. This type of stain is very difficult, if not impossible to remove. The best course of action is to create a barrier between the paper cover and the carpet, this can be done by using a plastic dish under the tree, with a plastic sheet under that to catch any water that may spill. If you feel this looks a bit ugly put a piece of off cut carpet on top of the plastic sheet to cover it up.

Welcome Smokers to Your Home

While in this day and age many smokers are happy to step outside to have a cigarette, in the middle of winter the cold and wet is not that inviting and you may let your smoking friends enjoy a smoke inside. This can create two problems, firstly ash and burns and secondly the smoke. To combat the first have plenty of ashtrays and make sure everybody knows they are there. While to deal with second, there are two natural methods available bowls of water or scented candles. If you use the candle method be careful not to spill the candle wax and never leave lighted candles overnight.

The next part in our Christmas survival kit will be out next week.