Furniture Impressions in Carpets

If you have a cut pile carpet carpet in your home you will eventually come across impressions and flattened areas in the carpet. These impressions occur where the weight of a piece of furniture or other household object is concentrated into a small area, so a chair will leave four little leg impressions in your carpet after you sit
on it for a while.

Usually in situations where the item is not very heavy or is moved quite often, particularly in a wool rich carpet or rug, the impressions will disappear on their own. But for heavy items such as sofas, raised caster cups can be bought from furniture and DIY stores, which lift the furniture above the carpet pile and so protect against impressions.

If you have some impressions in your carpet that you want to remove yourself it is possible to brush the pile with a stiff brush to lift the fibres, please ensure that you
take great care doing this so that the pile is not damaged. If you use a vacuum cleaner at the same time, with the narrow crevice tool, this will help to lift
the pile.

If you don’t want to try this yourself or if you have and the results are not what you hoped for, professional carpet cleaning equipment, not only gives great cleaning results but due to the flushing action of the water rinse and large vacuum motors
lifting the pile, can remove many carpet impressions. However if a heavy item has
been sitting in one place for a long long time even professional carpet cleaning equipment cannot restore the carpet to its original state.