Upholstery Care

Regular weekly vacuuming will help prevent soiling dulling colours and accelerating wear of the upholstery , pre-brushing with a soft brush will assist in dust removal. Rotate and reverse all of your loose cushions, if possible, every 2 weeks. All foam fillings, no matter how good the grade, will begin to compress and lose some of its spring with continued use, by rotating the cushions wear is evened out over all the cushions. Zips on cushions are there to ease assembly during the manufacturing process and do not necessarily indicate that the covers are removable. Do not wash cushion covers in your washing machine as shrinkage may occur making it difficult to replace the covers on the cushionfillings. Try to avoid sharp objects and pets scratching the upholstery as these may cause snags in the fabric, if this does happen either try to push the snag back into the fabric with a needle or cut off with a pair of scissors , don’t try and pull the thread out as this may cause further damage..For their own safety and that of the upholstery never allow children to use your upholstery to demonstrate their gymnastic abilities