Carpet Care

Use a high quality vacuum cleaner. Bargain vacuums often don’t have the ability to lift all the grime and grit from carpet fibres . Over time these soils grind into the fibres, cutting them and causing carpets to look dull and soiled even after being freshly cleaned. Vacuum high traffic areas on a daily basis.
Peripheral areas need less attention but should still be vacuumed weekly. The best vacuum for carpeted areas is one with a beater bar or rotating brush and powerful suction. Be sure to adjust the vacuum for the height of the carpet. Take care with loop pile or berber carpets as deep brush agitation may damage them. Your carpet is designed for frequent vacuuming and will not wear it out.. Keep soiling away from your carpet by using entry mats, if you use them, you will track less soil and grit onto your carpet . This not only keeps your carpet looking cleaner, it also helps protect the fibres from abrasion and dulling. Keeping soil away from your carpet is the best way to maintain its appearance and value.
If you have the misfortune to spill or drop something on your carpet be sure to clean it up immediately, this can help stop a spill becoming a stain. Never rub the area as this can damage the carpet pile .