Commercial Cleaning

Carpet and Upholstery cleaning in the commercial enviroment is very different than cleaning in the home. The most obvious difference is the size involved, cleaning the carpets in a three storey office block for instance requires different techniques and equipment than a lounge carpet, as does cleaning over a thousand seats in a multiplex cinema to six chairs round a dining table.

Our specialised knowledge of cleaning in the commercial sector gained over many years coupled with the equipment, for example our van mounted engine driven carpet cleaning machine, orbital cleaning machines, and cleaning solutions and products are designed to provide very effective and productive cleaning.

Our experience means that problems specific to individual sites, such as Blu Tac in day nurseries, chewing gum in shops, coffee and water spills in offices and candle wax in restaurants have solutions available that are very effective in these situations.

We are aware that disruption must be kept to a minimum in cleaning commercial situations and so are happy to provide cleaning in evening and at weekends.

So why not contact us to discuss your individual needs, we are happy to visit you and contact a full site survey, offer advice, and suggestions of what we can provide to meet your cleaning requirements within your budget.